Carpentry Čekić

The Čekić family had a tradition of woodworking that dates from the 1955th year. In 2012, we realized the aspirations of the family and opened our own craft. We have top masters with years of experience in carpentery business.

We are engaged in the production of wooden doors, all kinds of furniture, creating staircases, lining wooden flooring and all this according to your ideas, sketches or drawings.

In our work we use only top quality and of high quality materials and fittings. The products we manufacture are high quality and we deliver within the agreed timeframe. Also, with us you can order the repair and service of old carpentry and furniture.

All our products are made with great love for wooden furniture, and this approach ensures the quality and ease of application of wood products.


Rounded stock-oak massif, with sliding stretchers 
80 eur/10cm!

Ask for offer, send your inquiry immediately!

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